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About Us

We attribute our outstanding success and phenomenal growth to the support given us by our loyal customer base.

In return we provide a quality product and timely deliveries complimented with a Customer Service which is second to none.

History & Experience

Ezy-Fit Hydraulics was established in 1993 by Managing Director, Terry Kerin, in modest facilities located North of Adelaide. Since then, the company has experienced continuous success and growth, necessitating the need to continually expand its operations.

Operating out of our Salisbury South premises of 3,000 metres of floor space on 1.2 hectares of land, Ezy-Fit now employs around 70 staff.

Based in the Defence State of South Australia, Ezy-Fit Hydraulics are Australia’s premier manufacturer of industrial, mining, mobile and agricultural grade hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders are custom designed to suit the task at hand, taking into account the design requirements of the specific application and diverse environmental conditions experienced across the nation from searing heat and dust to freezing temperatures.

Our cylinders are used in Elevating Work Platforms, Underground Mining Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aircraft Loaders, Conveyor Equipment, Hay Presses and Coal Gas Reclamation Equipment to name but a small cross section of the applications we provide for.

Our Marine division, Ezy-Fit Marine P/L is also Australia's largest manufacturer of cylinders for the Shipbuilding and Offshore Oil & Gas industries, with designs gracing the likes of US Naval vessels such as the Littoral Combat Ship and Joint High Speed Vessels, and Swedish Navy Visby Class Corvettes.