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GMJ Are Australia's Choice For Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Ezy-Fit have been supplying Hydraulic Cylinders to GMJ Equipment for 20 year's, they are the national leader in the design, manufacture and supply of both, insulated and un-insulated mobile elevated work platforms, reaching heights from 10 to 70 meters across a wide range of configurations. All of their models feature the latest in MEWP technology, offering smooth and safe operation. Backed by over 25 years of industry experience, GMJ continues to be on the leading edge of mobile elevated work platform development.

Established in 1985, GMJ Equipment has grown to become Australia’s premier choice in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP’s). GMJ is renowned as Australia’s leading experts in the design, manufacture and servicing of truck mounted MEWP’s, servicing the needs of both government authorities and private customers. Their products help satisfy the needs of various industries such as electrical services, telecommunications, emergency services and vegetation management.

Today, GMJ leads the market with the latest range of insulated mobile elevating work platforms. Their insulated truck mounted models have working heights ranging from 9m to 29m. GMJ can also supply European manufactured CELA un-insulated models in Australia ranging from 15m to 70m.

Australians can be proud and honoured of the fact that as an Australian manufacturer, GMJ Equipment is now recognised internationally as the benchmark for insulated mobile elevating work platforms. Their highly qualified research and development team utilise today’s latest technology, including CANopen, radio controls and SolidWorks 3D modelling to ensure superiority of the engineering, manufacturing and servicing of their units. Their desire is not only to meet customer requirements, but exceed their expectations by providing a safe and reliable product.

Ezy-Fit Hydraulics are proud to have been in business with them for 20 years, supplying all their hydraulic cylinder needs.