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Tipper Kits Australia and Ezy-Fit Hydraulics

Ezy-Fit Hydraulics work very closely with Tipper Kits Australia, providing Hydraulic Cylinders for their state of the art tip tray conversion kits for utes and light trucks.

Tipper Kits Australia sell a range of hydraulic products specialising in tip tray conversion kits for utes and light trucks. Their premium product range features full tip tray conversion kits, these kits consists of a sub frame including hydraulics that mounts under an existing tray and tips to approximately 50 degrees in around 15 seconds and because the system is operated by a double acting electro-hydraulic circuit it comes down fast without increasing the tray height in most installations.

It has a host of built in safety features including over load protection while lifting and over pressure protection while lowering, hose burst protection and a unique automatic locking system that mechanically locks the tray in the down position to prevent the tray from tipping in the event of an accident. This lock also eliminates that annoying rattle that most tip trays display. Safety chocks are provided that lock the tray in the raised position to enable work to be carried out under the tray safely.

The kit is designed to be fitted by anyone with basic tools and metal working knowledge and comes with comprehensive fitting instructions and a technical support phone service available 7 days should fitting assistance be required.